Stormaxe Clan

The Stormaxe clan is one of the two leading military groups within the Dwarven empire in Targeth, the other clan being the religious paladins and clerics of the Hammers of Moradin. Both are highly regarded, especially within the Dwarven communities. The Stormaxe clan mainly operates as part of the Dwarven army however after a period of duty some members choose to go on to become mercenaries, because of this it is said that at least one Stormaxe clan member has taken part in almost every great war since Moradin first breathed life into the Dwarves.

Stormaxe members are chosen at birth, as they revere Kord the God of War and Storms only those who are born during a great storm or war is selected as it is seen as a sign of being chosen by Kord himself. It is for this reason that they are sometimes nicknamed ‘Kords Chosen’. After being chosen for recruitment each member loses his or her family name they do not earn the Stormaxe title until they have completed training at which point they are accepted into the clan. All members of the clan regard any other Stormaxe member as family.

The Stormaxe encampment is on the shore in the Valley of Karstad. It has a usual military heirarchy with the current leader being Rhugar “Giantsbane” Stormaxe, below him is the Chief Naval Officer and Commander of Storms.

The Stormaxe symbol is the same symbol as Kord’s except it features an axe instead of a sword.

Stormaxe Clan

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