Campaign II

Conan's Journal - Day two

Escaping the Mines

My wishes for a less eventful day were far from fulfilled.

Not long after we’d left camp we came back to more dwarven looking tunnels, after a while we came to a cross roads, and at this point I lost all faith in the halfling guide, as he essentially admitted he was lost. There were very few distinguishing features on any of them so we picked a random one and headed down there we almost literally stumbled upon a goblin patrol, but before they knew what had hit them we’d dispatched the lot. I may be wrong but I even think I saw Beorn throw the goblin head he’d taken as a trophy yesterday.

I do worry about the company I have been keeping.

Not long after, we came across some rusty mine-carts, which Beorn beckoned us all into, if it weren’t for this blasted curse getting me caught up in all the excitement I’m sure I’d have questioned this course of action, but Beorn then proceeded to push us with all his might, got the carts moving, then did a glorious front flip into the back cart. we must have been moving for at least 10-15 minutes, getting faster and faster, passing by all sorts of old equipment and side tunnels. It was in equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.

With no sign of stopping we burst through a barrier at the end and lurched to a halt in a vast cavern, with huge plateaus, goblin huts, and dozens of goblins, all seemingly furious, so much so that i felt the anger course through me. I made out three larger figures together at the apex of the room, but the next few minutes were a blur, the red mist was over me. I remember charging at a cloaked figure, which I was later told was the Mindflayer Greybeard had spoken of, and with him were the Dwarf he’d been tracking and the Hobgoblin from the dream. My next clear thought was the realisation I was surrounded by goblins and the Hobgoblin casting a radiant spell which knocked all but the dwarves off of our feet, Ailwin even falling off of the plateau. Apparently the Illithid and the Dwarf had disappeared not long after I’d charged in.

Once we’d dispatched the sorcerer the smaller goblins fled, but that wasn’t the end of it. the entire mines started to shake and boulders began falling from the ceiling. Beldwin shouted us to a path out of the cavern, and with no time to think we all sprinted after him. I’ve no Idea how long we were running through the collapsing mines, just as I have no Idea how Varden managed to keep up with his armour. I even saw Erik hold his shield above his head asif it was going to help against a collapsing mountain!

Eventually we came to a ladder, Beldwin led us up and into an old abandoned manor house where we all but collapsed, I had to apologise to him for ruining his trading route, but he seemed more happy to be alive than anything else. He assured us we’d arrived in the city and that this would be a safe place to recouperate, so we set up a makeshift camp again and recovered from the dramatic days events.

Now I’ve finished chronicling this last stretch of the journey to Briffit I think I may get some real sleep, after all, the Library will still be there tomorrow. Who’d have thought I’d spent weeks in that stinking town and it only took me two days to go the long way round. Although I must admit I’m glad I didn’t make the journey alone.


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