Varden Hammerhand

<Order of Sunlight>


The Order of Sunlight are a a devout group of people who believe in a higher purpose. Their unwavering faith in the divine powers of the Sun-God allow them to live for an unnatural amount of years and possess the power to heal.

Varden Hammerhand is a young paladin in the eyes of the order, but his name is truly just and earnt. His uncanny thirst to remove evil from the world has been proven time and time again by purging demons and dark creatures from the depths of Targeth. He has been a member of the Order since his birth and knows nothing else other than purity, he has no lust for gold or vanity.

His stout nature and religious beliefs sometimes better his judgement, perhaps leading to mistakes in other’s eyes. His stubborn faith leads him to brandish strong opinions of others who do not believe in the one true God of the Sun.

Varden Hammerhand

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