Conan the Librarian

Librarian trained in basic melee combat and channeling emotion


Conan lived in the Emerald city for much of his life, raised by scholars who worked and researched at the Shining University there. Being caught up in their research, his parents (Relvis and Britora) had little time for child-care, leaving Conan at the library in the care of the Galaeron Daefir, the head librarian in the cities vast archives.

Spending his days reading Conan grew up quite knowledgeable but was in for a rough time with the locals around the city. Deciding to teach himself self-defence, he learned how to use a spear, studying techniques from ancient war books, mastering the technique, but never having the real strength to use it to its full potential.

At around 15 years of age his mother (Britora) disappeared and his father (Relvis) became increasingly reclusive, and essentially adopted Galaeron as a surrogate parent. To pay his way, Conan retrieved overdue books from students and scholars around the city.

One day, years larer, thugs came into the library trying to extort money out of the Head Librarian, obviously Conan stepped in to defend the old man, filled with a furious rage, a huge magical burst killed one of the rogues mid brawl. Galaeron noticing this youth was the son of one of the nobles, and with the King Fredriek Yella cracking down on magic within the capital he suggested Conan flees the city, and that Galaeron would take the rap.

Since then Conan has travelled the major cities looking for clues as to where this sudden power came from, and why he can’t control it.

After travelling through a few major cities, he left the Emerald Fortitude, heading south to Briffit City, only to find it was locked off by the Emerald Guard and got stuck in a fetid fishing town on the coast…

Conan the Librarian

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