Beorn Stormaxe

<Kord's Chosen>


The Stormaxe Clan are a highly sought after group of dwarves that are often recruited as mercenaries or soldiers, it is said that at least one Stormaxe has taken part in every great battle since records began. Some stories say that Kord himself created these dwarves to serve as his own personal army on the mortal plane whilst others believe that Kord grants immense power and strength to those who prove themselves worthy in battle.

Beorn believes that the battles his clan are being recruited for are far too easy to be worthy of proving anything to Kord, so has left the clan in search of a worthy fight. Beorn is very impatient preferring to settle matters with his axe, but finds a subtle gesture or flash of his axe is sometimes enough to get the message across. Always eager to fight Beorn will usually make a beeline for the largest most formidable foe on the battlefield, usually confusing those foes he runs past.

Having been hired by Greybeard with the promise of a worthy battle, Beorn has travelled with the magic user for some time now and has grown to respect him somewhat despite his being a wizard, this has proved useful for Greybeard who has found that Beorn will sometimes only be talked into accepting quests on the promise of a fight or, perhaps, gold.


Beorn Stormaxe

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